Latin Primer 1, the 3rd Edition

You wouldn’t believe how excited we are that the third edition of Latin Primer 1 texts have finally arrived!

Officially speaking, the books still don’t release until March 31st. However, we have already begun fulfilling orders, so if you order the texts now, we’ll ship them out immediately. Please note that the new Flash Cards and Audio Guide are still in the final stages of production, which means we won’t be able to send any of those out until the end of the month.

Those of you familiar with the older editions of Latin Primer 1 are probably wondering what’s different about these new editions.

To begin, the content and teaching approach of this third edition is fundamentally the same as before. We have added a few exercises, moved some of the vocabulary around, etc., but these new editions won’t force teachers or parents to struggle through a long period of adjustment. If anything, this new edition will be much, much easier to use.

Why is that? Well, actually, there are several reasons.

First, we have completely redesigned the layout. While older editions were arranged by category—a word list section, exercise section, and test section—the new edition has been arranged in a simple lesson-by-lesson format. For example, all of Lesson 1’s components are grouped together, back-to-back. When you finish one lesson, you’re on to the next. No more flipping back and forth between sections—everything you need for each lesson is right at your fingertips, whether you’re the teacher or the student!

Second, we’ve added exercises to each lesson, giving students greater opportunity to practice and review their Latin skills, as well as providing teachers with more material to gauge their students’ level of understanding.

Third, the teacher’s edition has been significantly expanded. Mirroring the student book, it includes not only the answers, but also weekly quizzes and new teacher’s lesson notes. The lesson notes have been redesigned to explain the standard flow of every lesson and offer tips on preparation and focus for everything from weekly derivatives to unit goals. Whether you’re a homeschooling parent or a classical school teacher, these convenient notes will save time, provide a clear direction for the course, and better help your students grasp the language.

And last, but not least: you’ve heard that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but who doesn’t like to use a good-looking book? Latin Primer 1 will debut in its new perfect bound form with perforated exercise pages for easy grading. And don’t miss out on taking a look at the new, kid-friendly cover.

These new editions will be especially helpful for those brand-new to Latin. Our goal is for parents and teachers who have no Latin background to still be able to walk their students through these texts with ease. (And maybe even learn a thing or two themselves!)

Don’t forget to stop by the Latin Primer 1 website to see for yourself what the changes look like! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or give us a call: we’d be more than happy to provide any information or answers you need.

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