New Doug Wilson Christmas Book


There’s a couple days remaining to preorder God Rest Ye Merry: Why Christmas is the Foundation for Everything and still receive free shipping (the promotion ends Monday, November 19th). Why should you want it? Because it’ll help make Christmas real, powerful, and a lot of fun (you can read more about that on the product page).

After you’ve preordered, here’s a sneak-peek to roust your interest, and merry Christmas!

Socrates once famously said that the unexamined life is not worth living. In a similar vein, the unexamined holiday is not worth celebrating. ~ God Rest Ye Merry, pg. 87

If your godliness won’t imprint on fudge, then it is not true godliness. Some may be disturbed by this. It seems a little out of control, as though I am urging you to “go overboard.” But of course I am urging you to go overboard. Think about it—when this world was “in sin and error pining,” did God give us a teaspoon of grace to make our dungeon a tad more pleasant? No. He went overboard.God Rest Ye Merry, pg. 90

Which is more important, the hat or the cattle? The foam or the beer? The gift or the altar? The gold paper stamp on the Christmas card or the gold coin of your faith? If our hearts are decorated with the refined gold of a true faith, we may therefore decorate everything else.”  ~ God Rest Ye Merry, pg. 100



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