Meet the Artist: Forrest Dickison


Forrest Dickison was born and raised in Moscow, Idaho. The third of four incredibly handsome boys, he grew up canoeing, shooting bad guys, and building stuff. As an artist and illustrator, he takes much of his inspiration from grass, bones, trees, doors, the human body, monsters, and pictures of places that he has and has not been. His paintings are strong as cows, colorful as fish, and textured as asphalt. He will paint until he dies.

By this point, Forrest Dickison has learned how to draw inside the lines (most of the time), mainly from books and tutorials. He prefers oil and gouache for fine art, but is deadly with anything from ballpoint pens to spray paint to digital media. His work has appeared in several northwest art shows and galleries and has been featured on a number of Canon Press book covers and interiors. You can see his most recent paintings in the children’s books Hello Ninja (the first ever national Starbucks eBook of the Week), Blah Blah Black Sheep, and The Sword of Abram, and on our new releases For Christ’s Crown and Rules for Reformers.

Subscribe to Canon Press to be in the loop on Forrest’s latest projects with us. Cool kids can connect with @forrestdabney on Instagram for a liberal helping of character sketches, strange beasties, full-blown oils, and much more.

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  1. Run, Forrest, run!

    Er…I mean…paint, Forrest, paint!

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