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A Music Video, a Blog, and a Book Walk Into a Bar…

Hold Your Peace (with Jenny Geddes Band) Why the “Jenny Geddes” Band? (from Doug’s blog) Once or twice a year, I put together a band and we play down at Bucers, a local pub named after the Reformer Martin Bucer. … Continue reading

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A Welcome Shore & Through the Veil

Canon has had the great opportunity to publish two terrific new titles, A Welcome Shore by current Canon author Suzanne Rhodes and Through the Veil by new author Lisa Ohlen Harris. The first book, A Welcome Shore is a skillfully … Continue reading

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My Song Is Love Unknown

(Words by Samuel Crossman, 1664) My song is love unknown, My Savior’s love to me, Love to the loveless shown That they might lovely be. If you didn’t make it to the “Good Friday” joint service for Christ Church and … Continue reading

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Latin Primer 1, the 3rd Edition

You wouldn’t believe how excited we are that the third edition of Latin Primer 1 texts have finally arrived! Officially speaking, the books still don’t release until March 31st. However, we have already begun fulfilling orders, so if you order … Continue reading

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It’s Here!

That’s right, today marks the release of Dandelion Fire, book 2 of N.D. Wilson’s 100 Cupboards series! Don’t have your copy yet? Well, hurry! We still have a few copies left from our initial order, but they won’t last long. … Continue reading

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