The Indomitable Joy of Calvinism: Epiphany Lectures 2016

If you’ve ever encountered a young Calvinist in the wild, you no doubt remember the intense gaze, the spittle, and the penchant for making mountains out of mole hills. If you’ve encountered an old Calvinist, you may be under the impression that, as they age, Calvinists add a sixth point to the traditional TULIP: the S for “Scowling Severity.” As a wise man once said, “This ought not be so.” Calvinism—the biblical doctrine that God is God, that he governs history and saves sinners with sovereign grace—ought to be the happiest thing you ever saw. In these lectures, Professor Joe Rigney will seek to rescue biblical Calvinism from its dour and blighted imitators, calling all of us to come further up and further in to the joy of our salvation.

Joe Rigney is a pastor of Cities Church in Minneapolis, and professor at Bethlehem College & Seminary, where he teaches Great Books and the Greatest Book. He is the author of Live Like a Narnian: Christian Discipleship in Lewis’s Chronicles and The Things of Earth: Treasuring God by Enjoying His Gifts. When he’s not reading, teaching, and preaching, you’ll find him laughing with his wife and playing baseball with his two sons.

All the lectures can be found here:

Lecture 1: The Sovereignty of God & Total Depravity

Q & A 1

Lecture 2: Irresistible Grace & Definite Atonement

Lecture 3: Unconditional Election

Lecture 4: Perseverance of the Saints & the Happy Fruits of Calvinism

Q & A 2